Avoid the Effort of Matching Outfits

Spoiler: black isn't the answer.

If you're constantly sending mirror selfies to your most stylish friend asking if your outfit matches, this style tip is for you. Matching your clothes doesn't have to be hard. One color, different shades, one outfit - it's that simple. 

I selected a combination of orange shades - ranging from marigold yellow, to burnt orange, to a deeper shade of rust. Major '70s vibes, I know, but it's a huge color trend for 2017. I wore a faux leather skirt with tights, a turtleneck with a button-down* on top. I swapped the button-down for an ivory sweater (not part of my color scheme, guilty - but I was cold) and slid into my black Gucci goat-hair slides.  

Head to your closet and start grouping some pieces by color. Forget the "rules" of pairing colors with neutrals, blacks or blue jeans. Time to break out of your color comfort zone. Shades of the same color don't clash when paired together. Grouping your look by shade is key to effortlessly matching while making a statement. 

*Earn major street style points by leaving the last few buttons undone and tuck in only one side of the shirt while leaving the other out.


#wornbySam // Turtleneck: alice + olivia; Button-down: Nordstrom; Skirt: Urban Outfitters; Tights: HUE; Shoes: Gucci; Sweater: Boohoo