51 Cozy Sweaters You'll Regret Not Buying

Just in time for the holidays! 

Sweater season is officially upon us. With the holidays coming up you'll have plenty of events and parties to attend. Scroll down to shop my roundup of sweaters that will keep you looking fierce instead of frumpy. 

Simple Staple: The White Button Down

Time to stock up on Tide-to-Go.

The perfect go-to for everyday dressing to dressing up throughout all seasons: the white button down. It pairs perfectly with trousers, jeans, overalls and even under a bralette or spaghetti-strap shirt/dress. I've rounded-up my favorite styles below. If you're notorious for staining anything and everything white (like me) - trust me you need them all. 



So She Shops: Intro

In-store vs. Online: What's your preference? 

Many of my close friends have disclosed they've been having issues finding clothes they like in stores. Really? Because same. 

In addition to feedback from friends, many endless failed shopping trips of my own inspired me to launch the So She Shops Series, an emerging addition to So She Wore. Think of it as a curated guide to the coolest items available online, I will basically do your shopping for you. The series is an exclusive roundup of the latest must-haves - inclusive of priority picks, style steals and a splurge spread. Each series will share style at every price point.

Lately my in-store shopping experience hasn't been fulfilling, when I go shopping I end up leaving the store with nothing but disappointment. Or there's the rare (and I mean rare) occasion that I do buy a top at Zara to later go online and see that ASOS has the same top in 37 shades all with slightly different cuts and for a lower price. Online retailers have so much more to offer, online exclusives (pieces that are solely available online) are a real thing. I find myself only shopping in-store when there's a really good sale or when I'm in a rush and need something immediately and okay fine, when I'm bored.  

Yes, there are the downsides of online shopping - such as not being able to try clothes on before purchasing and then the dreaded, "your package will arrive within 5-7 business days," unless you splurge on the expedited shipping and then stalk your UPS delivery man daily (guilty, probably). But, did you ever think about the burdens of in-store shopping? Like the fact that some stores are so incredibly messy that the thought of even going near them gives you anxiety or that it just always happens to be your size that's sold out. Should I even begin to talk about the checkout lines (or dare I say dressing room lines) at prime time shopping hours? 

Then there's returns, in-store or in the mail, easily my top 5 of least favorite things to do. When I'm shipping something back there's always a form I have to fill out and then either schedule a pick-up or drop it off at the nearest shipping location. It gets repetitive, but it's really not that bad. When I go back to the store to return something I usually end up returning it and then spending more money on something else that I usually don't need but while I'm there in the moment I feel like it's everything and it would be a sin if I left the store without it. You know you're #guilty. 

Nowadays there are so many retailers that are exclusively online such as ASOS, Boohoo, Net-a-PorterREVOLVE, Storets, and so many more. Online retailers have created a competitive edge to match up with brick-and-mortar stores. Retailers such as ASOS offer free returns and offer the ability to spend $20 for expedited 2-day shipping for 1 whole year. 

I've mastered the online shopping experience. I pay close attention to the return policies and possible shipping discounts. If I have an event/vacation/etc. I try to order ahead of time so everything has time to ship and I'm able to return and order additional pieces if need be. When I'm unsure about fit I usually order 2 sizes and return whichever doesn't fit. If I don't spend enough to get free shipping I consider the $5 shipping fee my sacrifice for not having to deal with salespeople, people and the ability to do all of this from my bed in pajamas. So, what's shopping you?


The Chic Choker That Will Make Any Outfit Way Cooler

Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn. 

Turn your headscarf into a choker and instantly transform any casual outfit. Check out 6 of my favorite scarves, below. 

Gucci Loafer Replica: The Look For Less

Have your credit cards on standby.

The infamous Gucci backless loafers have been a mainstay on the style grid. The hot item will set you back at least $650 - and that's without the fur lining. Good news for those of you who want the bang for a smaller buck. The trend has trickled into the conventional consumer market, with a MUCH more affordable price tag. I've rounded up a few of my favorite styles that give off the Gucci-effect without coming off as a total knock-off. 

How to: Play Up Your Watch

It's about time!

Did someone say arm party? For those of you unfamiliar with the term, an arm party is a cluster of various bracelets on the same arm. The term was brought to us by Leandra Medine of Man Repeller (<3 you Leandra).

I'm always on time to my arm party thanks to my JORD watch. The watch is made entirely out of natural wood. It adds some texture and diversity into the mix. When throwing an arm party count on your cool watch to be the host. Let it be your statement piece.

You can purchase my exact unique watch here, **see below to enter free giveaway. It's black and gold which makes it extremely easy to pair with other jewelry. Since my watch is on the chunkier side (taking up all of the space at the party, #rude) dainty jewels make the best accompanying accessories. While your watch should be the main attraction, it's always a good idea to add in some other bracelets to make the party really standout. 

On the daily, I pair my wood watch with a gold bangle and a few dainty chains, keeping the main focus on the watch. When I'm looking to really make a statement or play up a simple outfit I'll add in some other fun bracelets to keep the party going - but watch out, you don't want to let the party get too overcrowded. Scroll down to see how I styled my wood watch and to check out a few of my favorite pieces to pair with a watch below!

**JORD Watches GIVEAWAY entry. Every person who enters will be entered to win a $100 gift code to use on the JORD site! One lucky person will win, but everyone will receive a consolation code worth $25 once the contest ends! (contest closes on 4/30/17 at 11:59pm)


Festival Fashion Frenzy: 5 Trends to Try

Warning: Flower-crown-free zone.

1. Peek-a-boo Stay fully clothed and still sheer a glimpse. Try a more demure method of exposure, you've got nothing to hide!

2. Embroidery Bring your look to life, it's time to give in because this trend will stick (no pun intended, okay maybe).  

 3. Tinted Sunglasses Instantly brighten you look (literally). 

4. Gingham Because #ginghamgoals. 

5. Flatforms Taking you to new heights with the comfort of flats.

This Jewelry Trend is Making a BIG Comeback

Twist the trend, hoop there it is! 

Hello 90s, can I have my earrings back? Hoop earrings are becoming a huge trend for 2017. Celebs such as Kendall Jenner and Rihanna have been spotted rocking oversized hoops. Apparently the bigger the better if you're trying to make a statement.





Hoop earrings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Sweeping your hair back or in a high or low ponytail helps to expose your ears. Hoop earrings compliment every face shape. They're easy to pair with every outfit for either a casual or an elevated look. For a twist on this trend wear 2 different styles at the same time. Keep them guessing and try one large hoop and one small or one silver and one gold. There's a ton of styles to mix and match, scroll down to shop my favorites!


5 St. Patrick's Day Outfits That Aren't Lame

St. Paddy's Day fashion is a thing?

Mark your calendars, March 17th is creeping up fast - get a jump start on your holiday outfit-planning. This year the holiday falls on a Friyay, meaning 2 things: you can get shamrocked without trudging to work the next day with deadly hangover in your outfit from the night before (blessed) and celebrations kick start the weekend so people will probably celebrate a little more than usual.

Wearing green and looking festive is all about how your style your look. The key is to combine greens with neutrals and denim so green is powering your outfit. I've put together 5 outfits to keep you festive, yet chic. Scroll down for style options! 

  SHOP THE LOOK // &nbsp;Jacket:  Acne Studios &nbsp;($1,650); Top:  H&amp;M &nbsp;($24.99); Dress:  Zara  ($35.90); Tights:  ASOS  ($8.00); Shoes:  ASOS  ($37.00)

SHOP THE LOOK // Jacket: Acne Studios ($1,650); Top: H&M ($24.99); Dress: Zara ($35.90); Tights: ASOS ($8.00); Shoes: ASOS ($37.00)

  SHOP THE LOOK  // Purse:  Gucci  ($1,790); Bodysuit: &nbsp;($12.99); Jeans:  Zara  ($49.90); Boots:  Zara  ($69.90)

SHOP THE LOOK // Purse: Gucci ($1,790); Bodysuit:  ($12.99); Jeans: Zara ($49.90); Boots: Zara ($69.90)

  SHOP THE LOOK  // Top:  Zara  ($49.90); Jeans:  Zara  ($59.90); Fishnets:  ASOS  ($5.00); Shoes:  Zara  ($49.90)

SHOP THE LOOK // Top: Zara ($49.90); Jeans: Zara ($59.90); Fishnets: ASOS ($5.00); Shoes: Zara ($49.90)

 SHOP THE LOOK // Top : Boohoo  ($14.00); Skirt:  Zara  ($29.90); Boots:  Public Desire  ($59.99); Earrings:  Vanessa Mooney  ($45.00)

SHOP THE LOOK // Top: Boohoo ($14.00); Skirt: Zara ($29.90); Boots: Public Desire ($59.99); Earrings: Vanessa Mooney ($45.00)

 SHOP THE LOOK // Top:  Zara  ($69.90); Pants:  Zara  ($49.90); Shoes:  ASOS  ($45.00)

SHOP THE LOOK // Top: Zara ($69.90); Pants: Zara ($49.90); Shoes: ASOS ($45.00)

Bralettes You Actually Want People to See

Let's talk layers. 

Warm weather merchandise rapidly hitting shelves has everyone dreaming of spring clothes. Start wearing your warm weather staples all year round and style your bralette like a pro. 

Take your favorite bralette and pair it with a t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, turtleneck, button-down, light sweater or any top of your choice. Instead of typically wearing the bralette underneath your clothing, switch up your look and wear it over your top. Check out the FGA warm weather staples you need to start showing off now. 


Get This Gucci-Inspired Fall 2017 Look For Less Right Now

Quick, before it's gone! 

Alessando Michele, Gucci's Creative Director, presented his Fall 2017 today in Milan. The dual gender show exhibited both the women's and men's collections, with 119 looks in total. Gucci has become one of the most coveted collections since the rise of Michele in January of 2015. 

Start wearing this Fall 2017 Gucci-inspired dress just moments after the look's runway debut. Stay ahead of the trends and spend a fraction of the price. Act soon, before it's sold out!

 Finery Lavender Waterlilies Lace Dress, $125.

Finery Lavender Waterlilies Lace Dress, $125.

 ASOS SALON Embroidered Sheer Maxi Dress, $196.

ASOS SALON Embroidered Sheer Maxi Dress, $196.

Valentine's Day: Dress Code Cheat Sheet

Under $100 - break hearts, not your bank.

Whether you love it, hate it or love to hate it Valentine's Day is right around the corner. So what if it's just another excuse to slip into something chic and celebrate with a glass (or a few) of champagne. Do you have plans with a special someone, or are you heading out with your Galentine's?

Of course the first thing to come to mind is - *glancing at closet jam-packed with clothes*, "OMG I can't go, I'm staying home, I have nothing to wear". Luckily, I've rounded up some of my favorite steals. Check out the FGA (fashion-girl-approved) V-day-inspired pieces below because do not - I repeat, DO NOT - be that girl in the lip-printed blouse.