Meet the mind behind So She Wore

Samantha Riggi (Sam, please) - native Jersey gal and habitué New Yorker, is the Founder and Creative Director of So She Wore. As a fashion addict and style advocate, she is a devoted go-to source for all things fashion related. Due recognition and extensive credentials in the fashion industry accredit her FGA (fashion-girl-approved) advice. 

In 2015, while working for Cosmopolitan.com, Sam published an article highlighting fashion trends of the season ahead. She enjoys documenting her favorite creations and sharing her fidelity to fashion with the world, which inherently led to the conception and creation of - So She Wore. In 2017, a tell-all with The Urban Hustle reported that Sam "considers fashion to be more of an instinct than an interest."

So She Wore is a one-stop destination for your dose of the latest fashion trends, tips and tricks. Appreciating the art of personal style, "worn by Sam" (#wornbySam), is a curated look book showcasing the essence of Sam's personal style. In an exclusive interview about her personal style with The Style Line, Sam revealed: "There’s definitely a lot of pressure to look a certain way. I don't buy labels solely because of the hype; I'll buy what looks good on me. I wear what I want, when I want and how I want to - it's really all about confidence.”

Extraordinaire online shopping habits inspired the So She Shops Series, an exclusive roundup of the latest must-haves from online retailers worldwide. Comprised of priority picks, style steals and a splurge spread, each series shares style at every price point. 

As an extension of her personality and the woman she aspires to continuously grow into, Sam celebrates her unique style through photography. Each photograph is a fleeting celebration and a curated mark on her evolving style voyage. Keep a close tab on this creative visionary.